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School Policies 


Dear Students/Parents of Students,

Below is our studio policies.  We thank you for your attention to these!  These policies are in place to ensure that you/your child(ren) receive the best possible music education while understanding our need to have these policies in place.



Missed Lesson Policy

  • Any lessons missed by the teacher will be made up. If this is not possible during the time allowed, the missed lessons will be credited or refunded.

  • Please cancel your lesson if you are contagious or if you have lost your voice.  If you are beginning to feel sick early in the week and think you may have to cancel, it would be best to do so before the 24 hour cancellation window closes so that you receive a make-up credit. 

  • Make up lessons are only provided to students who are on ongoing monthly plans, to a maximum of 1 make up lesson per term. 

  • At least 24 hours’ notice must be given in order for a lesson to be made up.  Any lesson missed by the student over the maximum allowed cannot be made up and are still paid for- even if the proper notice was given. 

  • Failure to give proper notice (24 hours) means that the lesson will not be made up but still paid for.


Payment Policy 

  • Payments for 1-8 bundled lesson sessions must be made in one payment at the time of registration 

  • Payments for ongoing lessons sessions are to be made on a monthly basis, starting at the time of registration.  Payment is calculated based on the number of lessons during the month for that lesson day. 

  • Invoices will be sent no later than one week before the end of the month and will be due by the first of the month. 

  • Payments can be made via cash or e-transfer through direct contact, or debit/credit via the online service.

  • Recipes will be provided after each payment for recording keeping and tax purposes.

  • A $20 late fee will be applied to late payments.


Discontinuation of Lessons

  • Should you choose to discontinue lessons with all we require a minimum of two weeks notice.  Any fees already paid cannot be refunded. 


General Studio Policies

  • There will be a break from regular lessons for all ongoing monthly plans on Statutory Holidays, summer months (July & August), Christmas break and Spring Break unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.  These lessons, unless they take place, will not be paid for. 

  • Lesson material e.g. lesson books, sheet music, binder, etc is paid for by the student.  All material can be purchased through the teacher or at a local music store.

  • We provide each student with a spiral notebook, which must be brought/available for each lesson.

  • Bringing a water bottle is advised for voice students - keeping hydrated is great for singing.

  • Practice expectations will be discussed with each student individually, based on age, goals, etc.  I expect my students to put in good work at home - once-a-week lessons are not sufficient for significant progress to be made.