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Our Lessons and Classes

One on One Instruction

Voice Lessons

 Our voice lessons are designed to focus on each student's level, learning style and goals.  While building musical skills in singing, we focus on engaging children to foster a lifelong love of music, expression, creativity, and learning.  Our voice lessons can include both classical and contemporary repertoire based on the student's preferences while developing proper tone, pitch awareness and vocal technique.  

Piano Lessons

Our piano lessons are designed to build upon each student's current level, learning style and goals.  While developing piano skills, we focus on engaging children to foster a lifelong love of music, expression, creativity, and learning.  

Preschool Piano

An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child’s long term enjoyment of music and the piano.  Our lessons are tailored to meet the needs of preschool aged children (ages 3+) and to ensure that their first music lesson experience is both positive and enjoyable. 

During their lesson your children will participate in musical activities both on and off the piano bench; created to build confidence, increase enjoyment and solidify musical concepts.

Songs, rhymes, games and imaginative activities keep your children engaged and begging for the next lesson!

Group Classes 

Singing Club

Our singing club is designed to build collaborative singing skills while providing a fun environment to explore musical skill and technique.

Music Theory

Our music theory classes are designed to provide further theoretical knowledge of music.  These classes can fulfill RCM theory knowledge requirements.  

Homeschool Classes

In addition to offering daytime lesson slots for those interested in individual voice or piano lessons, we offer group music classes designed for the homeschooling community.  These group classes are designed for various age groups and include vocal ensembles, music history classes, movement & music classes and more!