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About Our Philosophy

See life flourish through the wonder of music

The teaching philosophy of Flourish Music Studio is founded on the belief that a good musical education not only instills strong musical and technical fundamentals, but also fosters a true appreciation for the arts in general. At Flourish Music Studio, we believe in the power of music – music that cultivates self-esteem, self-discipline, and creative thinking skills.


This belief, and the teaching style derived from it, creates a positive atmosphere for learning, progress, and fun. All students are introduced to the traditions and styles that influenced different composers. Teachers focus on the links between music, art, and everyday life so that students learn to perceive the hidden meanings and imagery in music. This understanding enables students to delve deeply into the heart of their music by creating their own personal interpretations.  We takes special care to tailor lessons to each student’s individual needs and goals so they can develop as versatile musicians. Students develop technical, aural, and rhythmic skills and are encouraged to analyze, interpret, compose, and sight-read. For older and more advanced students, we focus on musical clarity and power, technical facility, refinement of their musical palette, and an understanding of musical structure.


Music plays a very important role in the human life: it expresses what words cannot. Music reaches every person on a level often more personal than any other form of communication. It is a vehicle for self-expression; it can be a way to pass the time, entertain friends, or offer personal fulfillment. It is a joy and an honor to share this wonderful gift with others. We look forward to departing on musical adventures with each and every unique student!